I love love love Puja and Abi! They brought our brand to life through photo and video and that really helped showcase what we do for our clients. They provide you with an incredible amount of guidance and hold your hand every step of the way.

They are so passionate about what they do and it really shows in the work they produce. They also create branding assets that are timeless so the photos and videos that you create with them are something that can last for so many years to come. They also helped create our beautiful website and worked tirelessly on every detail to ensure that we were happy. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

They are truly amazing at what they do! They are such a power team and I couldn’t imagine our brand being created by anyone else!


Video Production, Personal Branding & Headshots, Brand Identity & Website Design

client love


client love

The Brand Strategy sessions with Puja and Abi were deep-dives into what I stood for and what I wanted my business to stand for. I came out of the sessions with more clarity and sense of purpose and a clear roadmap of why I was doing what I was doing, where I should be heading, my short, mid, and long-term goals, and how I was going to get there. We even nailed the target markets and clients I should pursue. 
I am glad I signed up for the brand strategy sessions with them and fully endorse their professionalism, experience, expertise, and the depth and width they cover in their sessions. 

The Brand Blueprint is a great document- it a roadmap that every business should have if they want to be successful. I highly recommend that every business owner should book their Brand Strategy Consult with Zoom Into Life to build a brand and take their business to the next level.


Brand Strategy, Headshots, Brand Identity & Website Design

The moment I saw Puja’s photographs, I fall in love with her beautiful art and knew I have to have my branding photos taken by her. After I booked an appointment I immediately got phone call to discuss any details prior to our photo shoot. We talked about wardrobe choices , and making sure I won’t forget to have my colour touched up and nails done...

On the day of my photo shoot we started very early with makeup and hair. Puja always made sure I am happy with the results otherwise she would have not continued. The day was long, exhausting yet so much fun!! I was pleasantly surprised by Puja’s attention to every detail including my comfort. Because you know, posing for a picture whole day can be very tiring ...After I received my photos I had to look twice at them, I couldn’t believe it was me. Puja really knows how to bring the best in you with her wonderful photography. I am very happy with my pictures and I will cherish them forever.


Personal Branding & Headshots

In the past I have had headshots done however I was never happy with the outcome and thus never used them. I felt the pictures never really captured what I felt I looked like so was very hesitant to try again. I heard Puja speak at a network meeting about how people’s first impressions by our profile pic can greatly affect the way they look at us as professionals and that by using a selfie we are indirectly sending our potential clients a message. And of course, I was using a selfie at the time and this really made me realize that I wasn’t portraying the powerhouse serial entrepreneur that I was.

When I booked the shoot I was very nervous. It wasn’t just a show up and lets see what happens type of process. Puja wanted to do a consultation call to go over what I wanted to portray in the photo, what I liked and didn’t like about myself and what brand and message I was trying to send out. This process alone was very scary and it really made me think about these very serious questions that I think many of us try to avoid but it was actually a huge eye opener as through this conversation alone I became to actually realize what message I wanted. The closer the date got the more nervous I was. I had to go shopping for clothing and props which is not one of my favourite things to do but again this process taught me a lot about who I am and the image I want. I also had to prepare a video message for my video card which was very challenge as I have several businesses and I wasn’t quite sure how to tie them all together. To be honest I almost said to forgo it and I am so thankful that I was brave enough to do it.

The day of the photo shoot I felt so welcomed by Puja. She opened up her home to me and made me feel so comfortable. We sat and chatted a while and then was pampered by her colleague who did my hair and makeup. Puja was so great at showing me how to smile, sit and stand in a way that the photo would highlight my great qualities but still be authentic to who I was. I love that she was able to bring all the photos together so that branding for all of my businesses was a simple process.

After the shoot was over I was very relieved but also very excited. I saw some sneak peak pictures during the shoot and I was incredibly enthused at how they turned out in their raw form. I truly felt so pampered the day of the shoot and most important Puja made me feel like a powerhouse. The video card even went off perfectly, much better then I had expected. Yes, I did cry watching the playback!

This entire process from start to finish was truly an experience. This wasn’t just about a head shot. It really gave me the incentive to think about who I was, What I wanted to portray, how I could tie in my multiple businesses, what types of photos would I need and what would I use them for. From the consult call, to receiving her very thorough consult guide in the mail to the entire photo shoot day and the final presentation day when I finally got to see my images was such a smooth, professional process. I was very impressed. The pictures were incredible and really capture who I felt I was on the inside. Because of Puja's experience in the magazine and fashion world, her photo quality is truly incredible.

I definitely would recommend Puja to anyone who really wants to focus on their brand and image. She has been instrumental throughout this process and I never imagined that I could be so proud of pictures that weren’t the perfect posed filtered selfie. The experience was enlightening, empowering, motivating and exciting and it really felt like I could take on the world. This is something that is a necessity not a luxury!!


Personal Branding & Headshots

I had my branding photo shoot done with Puja owner of Zoom into life photography last August. I was hearing such wonderful things about Puja’s ability to capture who you really are behind the lens and I saw some of her behind the scenes footage from her other photo shoots.

I was blown away by the behind the scenes videos she posts and was absolutely wowed by the images she captured. I knew after seeing these that when I was ready to have mine done, without a doubt Puja would be the one! My whole experience with Puja from the beginning to the end was so professional and the guidance she offered me really helped me with my branding. Puja walked me through my session with the smallest details right down to jewelry and accessories for my shoot. The booklet she mailed out was so lovely and very professional, definitely a beautiful touch.

Some of my branding photos involved my daughter and I have to say I was very impressed by how comfortable she made my daughter feel and truly turned her into a natural little model. I’ve heard feedback from lots of family and friend telling me that I should now get my daughter into modelling and acting as she she played the role well. I agree yes she did but with Puja’s guidance. If you’re looking or even thinking about branding yourself I would highly recommend you take a look at what Puja has to offer! It was truly a life changing experience to see myself through Puja’s lense!


Business Branding & Headshots 

A few months ago, I had Branding Photos taken with Puja. I had seen some of her past photos and was really impressed with them. I was needing some images for my new business. Puja was very helpful when we were selecting the date and was very accommodating with my busy schedule. I really enjoyed receiving her information package in the mail as it helped me prepare outfits, looks and colours for the day. During our phone conference, we discussed my brand colours and styles that would suit my photo needs.

On the day of the session, I arrived a bit frazzled after getting my four children off to school and was slightly anxious. Puja’s studio space and make-up artist helped put me at ease and relax. The nerves quickly disappeared and I was comfortable and able to focus on taking great photos. I was most impressed with my hair and makeup! Puja was very helpful in selecting outfits and accessories for each look and I really appreciated the photo coaching she gave me before we started. They were quick tips and I was always guided clearly into new photo positions which made me feel very relaxed and confident in both the photographer and in the process.

We were able to have enough looks photographed to meet my varied business needs and I was so impressed with how the photos turned out, I cried when I saw them! I have never looked so beautiful! Puja has a real talent with photography and I am very thankful that I used her services to help grow my business. I would highly recommend Puja for personal Branding Photos!


Personal Branding & Headshots




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