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I'm Puja Mishra

Founder & President 

Puja Mishra is a highly sought after Personal Brand Strategist/ Photographer and a Brand Agency owner. She has worked with hundreds of leading experts, entrepreneurs, and coaches from various industries ranging from Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Wealth Management/Finance, Law etc in Ontario, Canada to help build their personal brands having an elevated brand image and presence to increase their Visibility, Credibility & Profitability.

With a degree in Textile Design and education in Fashion, she has over a decade of experience in apparel design as a Senior Designer. During this time her experience involved working for some of the most highly respected fashion brands as well as well-known retail giants such as Walmart.  Puja leverages this previous experience to help business owners build their personal brands and amplify their digital presence, to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry. She’s been running her successful business for over 10 years and is the President of her award-winning boutique brand agency called Zoom Into Life Studio, specializing in Personal Brand Strategy and creating Visual Branding and Marketing Assets such as Personal Brand Photography, Brand Films a.k.a Video Business Cards, Social Media Content Marketing Videos, One of A Kind Custom Websites and Brand Identity.

Her insights and work have been featured in respected local magazines, newspapers and influential tv shows such as CHCH, Breakfast Television. She is often invited on various podcasts to share her expertise as a guest expert and as a speaker at business events to speak to entrepreneurs on Personal Branding. She was nominated for the prestigious ‘Women of Influence - RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards’ and was also chosen as one of the Top 5 Finalists for the National Mompreneur Award from a pool of over 1200 women entrepreneurs nominated across Canada. Alongside these, she was also awarded the ‘Connector of The Year Award’ and over the years her studio has won several International, National & Local Awards in Photography and Video Production at ‘Nyx Awards’, ‘Consumer Choice Awards’, ‘Readers Choice Diamond Awards’ etc.

As a Brand Agency owner & Personal Brand Strategist she can help any results-driven entrepreneur to experience transformation in their business through u tilizing the power of Visual Storytelling, custom Personal Brand Strategy and high-quality Branding/Marketing Assets that sets them apart from their competition and positions them as an authority in their industry. Her passion and superpower is building personal brands for entrepreneurs so they can generate more leads, increase sales & create a greater impact.





I'm Abhinav Misra

Brand Strategist & Director - Video Production

Innovation is the key to the future. I have spent about 2 decades working with reputed international designer brands across the globe, helping many small businesses transform their products and brand to become multi-million dollar thriving businesses. 

Every business has a unique DNA and having its own voice and expression is what sets it apart. I believe the most important factor for a business to catapult itself into thriving success is to be able to communicate their differentiating factors and an unwavering passion for quality products/services they offer to help others achieve their goals.

Photography, Art & Design have been an integral part of me all my life. My father was an exceptionally talented Artist & was awarded by the President for ‘Lifetime Achievement’ for his passion. He was also a renowned scientist by occupation during the day with many discoveries associated to his name. He was one of the rare few who could excel in creative as well as scientific thinking simultaneously. His mentoring taught me how to innovate, think creatively & see beyond the obvious.

Filmmaking and photography have been an incredibly satisfying medium of expression for me for the past 2 decades. I enjoyed having the opportunity of teaching the beautiful art of ‘Photography & Design’ at the university level for 5 years and was able to transfer the incredible lessons of creative thinking, technique, and technical fundamentals to hundreds of students.    
Video is the most powerful medium of storytelling. I love creating Marketing videos that help you share your ‘Passion Story’ and lets your audience know why you are unique. Videos that help you build a personal connection with your audience, build brand awareness & drive engagement. By creating compelling videos that align with your brand’s goals & vision allows businesses to educate your customers, explain your products/services and inspire action from your audience. 

I love working with people who are connected, passionate and live inspired. I meet & interact with many other passionate entrepreneurs & professionals every day in the community and feel blessed to have skills and an opportunity to transform their businesses from striving to thriving. My happiness comes from seeing our clients achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality. 

our journey




our journey

I'm Kurt daSilva

Creative Director - Business Branding & Web Design

Kurt daSilva is a leading expert on Business Branding and Web Design. He has worked internationally with dozens of entrepreneurs and organizations across several industries like Real Estate, Fashion, Non-Profit, Finance/Wealth Management, Life Coaching, eCommerce etc. to successfully transform their brand identity, harmonizing their design assets across various media and sales channels to attract ideal clients.
With a licensed degree in Architectural design and two decades of work experience, Kurt is a widely regarded design professional. He is an international best-selling author and photographer with a keen eye for colours, balance, spatial elements and story-telling, all of which enhance his capability to up-level any business brand and design a boutique customer experience for his clients.
As a Design Expert with his own successful company (Empyrean Arts), he skillfully crafts high-end business branding (brand style guide/brand identity including color palette, logo design, graphic elements, typography), web and e-commerce store designs for any niche, thereby setting them apart from the ordinary industry trends, by providing business owners with a perfect launching pad to establish themselves as experts in their field.


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