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I'm Puja Misra

Founder & Lead Photographer

As a business owner myself, I meet & interact with many other passionate entrepreneurs every day. However, a couple of years ago I noticed many of them feeling discouraged & not good enough in their professional life because they were unable to connect with their target audience, felt unauthentic & as a result unable to get business.

I truly believe that as an entrepreneur, You are the Face of your Business, You Are Your Brand & as the saying goes that people do business with people whom they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. Coming from a strong branding & design background, while working in the fashion industry with various brands for over 12 years, I know that being able to communicate your 'Brand Story' through visual storytelling is one of the fastest & the key-way that small businesses could truly make an impact in elevating their Brand Image & Presence. It would help them stand apart in their industry & community in a way that people would want to know them, follow them & do business with them, which in turn would add to their bottom line & profits.

The personal brand photography / headshot experience crafted for business clients is truly unique, as these are customized shoots designed specifically for entrepreneurs & are modern magazine styled portraits that are stylish, contemporary & exuberate personality. They go beyond the traditional headshot because they look like the cover of a Fortune 500 magazine creating a strong brand image. ​These images capture the essence of who they are, what they do, their passion & their brand story through Authentic Lifestyle images that Elevate their Brand Image & Presence in the community, helping them generate leads & Deliver Results!




I'm Abi Misra

Director - Video Production & Strategy

Innovation is the key to the future. I have spent about 2 decades working with reputed international designer brands across the globe, helping many small businesses transform their products and brand to become multi-million dollar thriving businesses. 

Every business has a unique DNA and having its own voice and expression is what sets it apart. I believe the most important factor for a business to catapult itself into thriving success is to be able to communicate their differentiating factors and an unwavering passion for quality products/services they offer to help others achieve their goals.

Photography, Art & Design have been an integral part of me all my life. My father was an exceptionally talented Artist & was awarded by the President for ‘Lifetime Achievement’ for his passion. He was also a renowned scientist by occupation during the day with many discoveries associated to his name. He was one of the rare few who could excel in creative as well as scientific thinking simultaneously. His mentoring taught me how to innovate, think creatively & see beyond the obvious.

Filmmaking and photography have been an incredibly satisfying medium of expression for me for the past 2 decades. I enjoyed having the opportunity of teaching the beautiful art of ‘Photography & Design’ at the university level for 5 years and was able to transfer the incredible lessons of creative thinking, technique, and technical fundamentals to hundreds of students.    
Video is the most powerful medium of storytelling. I love creating Marketing videos that help you share your ‘Passion Story’ and lets your audience know why you are unique. Videos that help you build a personal connection with your audience, build brand awareness & drive engagement. By creating compelling videos that align with your brand’s goals & vision allows businesses to educate your customers, explain your products/services and inspire action from your audience. 

I love working with people who are connected, passionate and live inspired. I meet & interact with many other passionate entrepreneurs & professionals every day in the community and feel blessed to have skills and an opportunity to transform their businesses from striving to thriving. My happiness comes from seeing our clients achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality. 

our journey